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Will I need to have teeth extracted prior to getting braces?

tooth extraction Fort Worth

Wearing braces is a great investment in your appearance and your oral health. Sometimes, patients will need tooth extractions before they receive braces. Children undergoing orthodontic care might need extractions if their baby teeth fail to fall out fast enough or if they were born with supernumerary teeth.


It’s common for adults to need tooth extractions, too, but for different reasons. Extractions might be necessary for adults to create the room needed to move teeth. Since the jaw stops growing after adulthood, a dentist cannot manipulate jaw growth to accommodate tooth movement.


A dentist will be able to tell if patients require extractions after their orthodontic consultations.

Are wisdom teeth extracted before adults wear braces?

Most of the time, wisdom teeth extractions are recommended before adults receive braces. Removing these teeth can create extra room for tooth movement and prevent oral health complications. Wisdom teeth also threaten the placement of other teeth. Many patients encounter unwanted tooth movement when their wisdom teeth erupt because there is rarely enough room for their arrival.

How do I care for my mouth after a tooth extraction?

There are different types of tooth extractions. Simple tooth extractions are less invasive than removing impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth. If teeth are impacted, surgical extractions with anesthesia are normally necessary.


In any case, you will need to make some temporary alterations to your daily life after a tooth extraction. You should consume liquid and soft foods the days following your treatment. Within a few days, you can gradually incorporate harder foods back into your diet.


Patients should take great care not to disturb the blood clots that form over empty tooth sockets, too, as these clots are an integral part of the healing process. You can gargle salt water to clean your mouth the day of your extraction and resume brushing the following day so long as you do not brush directly over extraction sites.


If you have questions about tooth extractions or orthodontic treatment, call our practice to reserve a consultation with our dentist.

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