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When is a tooth extraction recommended?

tooth extraction Fort Worth

Tooth extractions are a procedure that surgically removes all of a tooth, including its roots. Sometimes this procedure is necessary – especially if a tooth is so diseased that it’s threatening a person’s health. A dentist might recommend a tooth extraction when a tooth is badly decayed or injured. This procedure might also be necessary if a patient will be receiving prosthetics like bridges or dental implants.


Sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary during tooth transition when adult teeth begin to replace baby teeth. Adult teeth can have difficulty emerging if baby teeth are not falling out fast enough. Similarly, wisdom teeth are commonly extracted because they can threaten a person’s health and the positioning of their teeth when they emerge.


When it comes to adolescent or teenage patients, extractions might be necessary during orthodontic treatment. This is done to make room for tooth movement.

How can diseased teeth threaten oral health?

If a tooth requires extraction because it is diseased, it is important to follow your oral healthcare provider’s advice and follow through with treatment. This is because diseased teeth can manifest painful infections called abscesses. These infections can produce intense discomfort and infect neighboring tissue, too.


Inside the tooth is a hollowed area called the root canal that contains nerve endings and dental pulp. This area is sealed off from infection-causing bacteria and debris in healthy teeth but becomes vulnerable when teeth are badly damaged. Infected root canals can quickly abscess, leading to other oral health complications.

Will I be comfortable during a tooth extraction?

Yes, oral healthcare providers take great care to ensure patient comfort. Various kinds of pain-relieving medication can be administered to maintain comfort during treatment. For minor extractions, nitrous oxide and local anesthetics keep many patients comfortable during their extraction. Sometimes stronger medications and sedatives are used for more complicated extractions.


It’s important to keep in mind that the tooth pain associated with a diseased tooth or emerging wisdom teeth will subside once the tooth is removed and patients heal from their procedures.


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