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What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction Fort Worth

If you have an upcoming tooth extraction, you might be wondering what to expect after your procedure. Although a tooth extraction is a minor procedure, it does produce some trauma to oral tissue. While you recover, you will likely need to take medication to control discomfort. You will also need to make some temporary changes to your diet for a few days following your treatment.


Following is helpful information about what to expect after having a tooth removed.

Dietary Considerations

Since removing a tooth does produce some tenderness and trauma to oral tissue, it’s important to adopt a liquid and soft diet for a few days after your procedure.


Smoothies, soups, and Jello are great items to have after a tooth extraction. You can also eat mashed or pureed vegetables and scrambled eggs. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help you heal faster.


We recommend shopping for everything you need before your appointment so that you can get home and rest.

Controlling Discomfort

Discomfort after a tooth extraction is to be expected. You can manage post-operative aches with over-the-counter pain medication or one that we have prescribed to you. Be sure to follow the directions of our dentist very carefully.


Using cold compresses on the outside of your face can help reduce swelling, which helps alleviate discomfort. We recommend using ice packs as directed following your treatment.

Watch Out for Dry Socket

Once a tooth is extracted, the body will form a blood clot over the empty tooth socket. This is a natural and important part of the healing process. Care should be taken not to disturb this clot because it could affect your post-operative recovery and produce discomfort. This means you should avoid touching extraction sites with your tongue or fingers, using a straw, and eating food with sharp edges.


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