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Tooth extraction: Is a dental implant in my future?

implant restorationFor anyone requiring having a tooth extracted, perhaps because it is ravaged by tooth decay, or broken or cracked due to a trauma, can understandably feel worried about the effects a missing tooth might have on their smile and oral functions. But dental implants offer an effective replacement that can restore and maintain the aesthetic and practical properties of their teeth.

A person missing one or more teeth can often feel self conscious about showing off their smile, or eating in public, as missing teeth can not only look unsightly, but can also compromise the way a person bites and chews food. A missing tooth can even influence and alter speech.

Dental implants, however, allow an implant dentist to restore appearance and function to a patient’s teeth, helping to rebuild a smile as well as prolong and preserve a person’s normal eating pattern; and the treatment has become hugely popular in recent years, thanks in no small part to the range of benefits it bestows.

The treatment for dental implants involves the dentist placing one or more small titanium rods into the patient’s gums, which over time will bond with the jaw bone to provide a strong support for a porcelain crown that the dentist will shape and color to match the patient’s existing teeth, and then place on top of the titanium support.

Once in place, the benefits of dental implants include a myriad of things: the reinforcement of surrounding teeth, which helps to restore and maintain bite strength, pattern and chewing action; the preservation of gum tissue and jaw bone which might otherwise begin to recede with other restorative methods; and ease of aftercare, as dental implants do not require any special care and can be maintained as part of a regular dental health routine.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of dental implants, however, is their natural appearance. Due to their ability to be shaped and shaded to best match the patient’s existing teeth; dental implants can blend with existing teeth to provide a natural-looking smile that implant wearers will want to show off!

If you’re intrigued by dental implants, schedule an appointment with our caring and professional team today!

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