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Tooth Colored Fillings Fort Worth

Tooth Colored Fillings Fort Worth

In life, things happen. And, when one of those things is a chipped front tooth or cavity, you want it fixed. Fast. In the past, you would have had few choices about the type of material used to fill a tooth. More than likely, a filling would have been easy to spot when you talked, laughed or smiled. Now, the next-generation of tooth colored fillings Fort Worth can match the natural look of your teeth. In fact, they bond so completely and blend so perfectly, nobody but your dentist needs to know that you had any work done.

Tooth Colored Fillings Restore the Structure of Teeth

First introduced in the mid 1960’s, tooth colored fillings have come a long way in the last few decades. The newer tooth colored filling materials are made from super strong resin compounds that bond quickly and permanently with the surface of the tooth. They are carefully color matched in order to be virtually indistinguishable from your natural enamel.

Tooth Colored Fillings Fort Worth are Strong

Additionally, they are incredible strong and can restore up to 95% of the original tooth strength. You see, chewing exerts a tremendous amount of pressure on your teeth. A damaged tooth is a compromised tooth. If not repaired, the damage can easily lead to problems such as infection, breakage or even tooth loss. So if you need a need a filling, or any other dental procedure, give our friendly staff a call. They will be happy to schedule your next appointment. Because when you smile, all anyone should ever notice is how it lights up your eyes too.

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