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Today’s Tooth Replacement Options

There are endless ways to lose teeth – accident, gum disease, bone disease, overcrowding, etc. – but, today, there are primarily three ways to handle tooth replacement. Since this is written by the office of Dr. Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. in Fort Worth, Texas, this blog will cover Fort Worth tooth replacement options, including Fort Worth dental implants, Fort Worth partial denture, Fort Worth mini dental implants and Fort Worth dental bridge.


Why Replace Teeth?
Dr. Parham doesn’t stress having a mouth full of healthy teeth and gums only so you will have a beautiful smile. Having missing teeth can be problematic to both your long-term oral and medical health. Your teeth allow you to chew food properly and thoroughly. Teeth are necessary for the health of your gums, your jaw and surrounding teeth, as well. If you delay replacing a missing tooth, for example, the neighboring teeth will slowly move into the empty space, creating more gaps and more problems for later. Replacing your teeth is a very important aspect of your overall health and well-being.


Dental Implants
For replacing a single tooth, dental implants have become the most popular recommended solution, as it is in the office of Dr. Randy Parham. His Fort Worth dental implants are the closest thing to new permanent, natural teeth you can get and require less care. In the case with dental implants, a post is screwed into the jawbone and a replacement tooth is mounted onto the post. This procedure may be the more expensive option but, since it lasts up to 15 years, it may provide the best value.


Dental Bridge
A dental bridge is a less invasive, less expensive option when compared to a dental implant. Sometimes also called a fixed partial denture, these Fort Worth dental bridges replace a missing tooth by anchoring the new tooth permanently to adjacent teeth. To accomplish this, the adjacent, healthy teeth need to be shaped to hold and accommodate false teeth caps or crowns. Although the appearance of today’s replacement teeth is more natural than ever, three false teeth in a row may be noticeable.


Mini Dental Implants
A newer treatment option is Fort Worth mini dental implants. This less invasive option can be completed in one visit and involves a tiny screw that acts as a natural tooth root. This new implant is designed to be quick healing and long lasting and, in most cases, the entire procedure can be completed in about one hour. For those who have experienced extensive bone loss and cannot accommodate traditional dental implants, mini dental implants are a great solution. In addition to tooth replacement, mini dental implants can also be used to stabilize dentures.


In summary, there are a number of reasons to replace missing teeth, and a number of techniques for doing so. After a personal consultation with Fort Worth dentist, Dr. Randy A. Parham, D.D.S., you will have all the answers and a plan of action that will make you smile – now and for years to come.

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