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The Facts about Dental Implants

Simply put, a dental implant is something that replaces a tooth. In fact, the goal of a quality dental implant – such as one that would be performed by a periodontist or oral surgeon recommended by Dr. Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. in Fort Worth, Texas – is to recreate the anatomy of a tooth as a permanent implant so it can be used with crowns, bridges and dentures, just as if it were a natural tooth.



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If you are missing a tooth, do you really need to replace it? The answer is yes. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, having all of your teeth maintains the natural shape of your face, allows you to have a great smile and improves self-esteem. Plus, one or more missing teeth can have a negative effect on the overall health of your mouth, including how your teeth fit together, gum problems, shifting teeth, headaches from a change in bite forces and more. Even more critical is the gradual decline in the bone near the lost tooth. Without something there to stimulate bone growth, it will deteriorate.


Now that you know why you need to replace a lost tooth, let’s go over the facts of about dental implants. For more information, visit the dental implants page on Dr. Parham’s website, https://fortworthdentist.com/dental-implants.


Neighboring Teeth

If you are concerned about the teeth adjacent to your dental implant, don’t be. Your remaining teeth are left completely untouched. Unlike a traditional bridge, dental implants do not sacrifice the quality of adjacent teeth.



Because it’s based on bone quality, the success rate of dental implants is high – and highly predictable. Dr. Parham can recommend a periodontist or oral surgeon best for your particular situation.


Look and Feel

The thing most patients of Dr. Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. like most about dental implants is that they look and feel like natural teeth. Since they integrate with the bone, there’s no bone loss or gum recession that often go with bridgework and traditional dentures. In other words, no one will ever know you have a replacement tooth.



With proper home care, a dental implant – designed to be a permanent implant – can last indefinitely. Of course, ask Dr. Parham and his staff at Fort Worth Dentist about care for your dental implants, as each case – like each tooth – is unique.


The Process

As your general dentist, Dr. Parham will oversee the entire dental implant procedure. If you don’t have an oral surgeon or periodontist for the implant placement surgery, he will refer one, then work with the specialist and dental lab to ensure optimal results. During the brief implant surgery, the oral surgeon or periodontist will secure small, biocompatible posts into the sockets left by one or more missing teeth. Once your mouth heals, Dr. Parham will secure your final restorations.


Your new implants will look and feel like natural teeth. Because they’ll feature a solid foundation in your jaw, you will regain the ability to eat chewy and crunchy foods that you may have had to eliminate from your diet. Finally, caring for your implants requires daily brushing and flossing, as well as six-month checkups and cleanings – just like natural teeth.

To begin the process, visit the new patient page on Dr. Parham’s website, https://fortworthdentist.com/new-patients.

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