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Root Canal Fort Worth

Root Canal Fort Worth

Root Canal Fort Worth

Root Canal Fort Worth

Do you need a root canal Fort Worth? What is a root canal Fort Worth? A root canal Fort Worth is a restorative dental procedure that removes the damaged inner material, known as pulp, from an infected tooth. The pulp is a soft material inside the tooth that contains blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves that run down into roots of the tooth. In a healthy tooth, the pulp nourishes the tooth; the nerves, on the other hand, allow you to sense hot and cold. You do not need the nerves of a tooth for the tooth to remain functional.

How does a Tooth become Infected?

A tooth can be  compromised by damage or decay. Small, often invisible, cracks allow bacteria to gain access to the vulnerable pulp. Once pulp infected, it begins to swell. This swelling is known as an abscess ( a pocket of infection or pus). The abscess builds and puts pressure on the sensitive nerve – causing severe pain. If you have an infected tooth your dentist may recommend a root canal Fort Worth rather than an extraction ( pulling the tooth out). Left untreated, infected teeth can cause severe pain and damage to the surrounding tissues and bone.

 What is Involved in a Root Canal Fort Worth?

A root canal Fort Worth may require more than one visit. First Dr. Parham will perform an in-depth examination of the affected tooth including an X-ray. Then he will begin to prep and drill into the tooth in order to remove the damaged inner tooth material. As he works, he will carefully clean out the tooth, taking out the pulp and nerve tissues. Once cleaned, he will add a sealant,  and any needed medications or post- to secure the tooth. If the procedure  requires a second visit, he will place a temporary cap on the tooth in order to protect it.

The final step of a root canal Fort Worth is to place a permanent restorative crown made of special dental materiel. Once completed, you should not experience any more pain and the tooth, with proper care, a root canal Fort Worth should last a lifetime.

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