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Protect Your Teeth – and Wallet – With a Custom Mouth Guard

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Maintaining great oral health is good for your appearance; caring for your teeth and gums also contributes positively to overall health. Daily brushing and flossing coupled with twice yearly visits with your family dentist for teeth cleaning and an exam provide a good start.


If you are experiencing problems such as morning headaches, jaw pain, or discomfort in your neck or teeth you may be grinding your teeth, also known as bruxism. Often related to stress or anxiety, teeth grinding can occur for multiple reasons. An incorrect bite (malocclusion), missing, or uneven teeth may also lead to grinding or jaw clenching.


Very often teeth grinding begins subconsciously during periods of sleep; before you know it, this becomes a habit that you engage in without realizing it, even while awake.


There is a solution available that will help safeguard your oral health, and at the same time might prevent a dental emergency that could lead to a costly and time consuming repair … that is a custom fitted mouth guard. Because left unchecked and untreated teeth grinding can lead to:


Chipped enamel or fractured teeth – you may not realize just how much pressure you are putting on your teeth when you grind for hours. Teeth are very strong, but over time enamel can be worn down. And it’s not just a tooth fracture that can occur … dental decay, uneven dentition, gum recession … all might have been prevented saving you time and expense to correct.


A mouth guard is a preventive measure your family dentist can provide. A custom made appliance is fabricated specifically to your needs; you will wear it during the night helping you control the grinding habit. Beware of over the counter models … a generic mouth guard won’t fit as well. If it’s uncomfortable or ill fitting, you won’t wear it.


Your dentist will be able to spot if you are grinding and clenching during your regular check-up. Preventive action may save you from:


Fillings for cavities; crowns due to a fractured tooth; cosmetic repair for chipped enamel; and the potential for more extensive procedures such as root canal therapy and treatment for gum disease that can result from teeth grinding.


If you suspect teeth grinding may be happening to you, contact the office of Dr. Randy Parham today. A small investment now can protect your teeth – and wallet – in the future.

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