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Lessen the Impact of Dental Emergencies with These Tips

dental emergency Fort Worth

Do you know how to respond in a dental emergency? Knowing how to handle a toothache, dental injury, or broken tooth could help you save your tooth and minimize discomfort. Following are helpful tips for responding to common dental emergencies.

Knocked Out, Cracked, and Broken Teeth

Breaking a tooth is traumatic and painful. If you handle this type of dental emergency properly, there’s a chance you could save your tooth. If you break or knock out a tooth, try to save the tooth or its pieces. A dentist might be able to reattach them.


When saving a tooth or its pieces, you must keep the tooth moist to keep it alive. Placing a tooth or its pieces in milk or in a tooth preservation kit, such as Save-A-Tooth, can increase the chances of its survival. Never place a broken tooth in water. Call your oral healthcare provider as soon as possible to make a dental emergency appointment.


A toothache can be quite painful. In many cases, severe tooth pain is a sign that your tooth is infected. Since an infected tooth cannot heal on its own, it’s important to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. You might need root canal therapy and/or restorative dental care to save your tooth from extraction.


While you wait for your appointment, you can take over the counter pain medication to control discomfort. Keep your mouth clean by rinsing it with water and performing oral hygiene very gently is important, too.

Broken Restorations and Prosthetics

If a dental crown, bridge, or denture is broken, make an appointment with your oral healthcare provider as soon as possible. Many times, restorations and prosthetics can be repaired and reattached. Be sure to keep your mouth as clean as possible with vigilant oral hygiene while you wait for your appointment.


Keeping dental items like Save-A-Tooth solution, floss, over the counter pain medication, and your dental office’s business card in your first aid kit is a wise idea. Be sure to save your dental office’s number in your mobile phone, too, so you can make emergency appointments as soon as possible.


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