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Is a root canal treatment a long procedure?

root canal treatment Fort Worth



Root canal treatment is a procedure in which the soft interior tissues of the tooth, called the pulp, are removed. The amount of time it takes to complete the treatment depends upon the size of the tooth being treated and the complexity of the actual root canal. Overall, the procedure is very similar to having a filling place or a tooth crowned.

Preparing for a Root Canal

Root canal treatment is performed on teeth that have been severely damaged or that have suffered severe decay. Typically, the tooth pulled is inflamed or infected because damage to the tooth has allowed bacteria to enter it. Your dentist will remove all the soft tissue from the interior of your tooth, including the pulp as well as the nerves that serve the tooth.


Before your root canal, your dentist might take detailed X-rays to determine the exact shape and complexity of the pulp chamber. Your dentist might also prescribe an antibiotic for you to take before the procedure in order to reduce the amount of infection. You should also ask your dentist about the type of anesthetic that will be used. Many people prefer to use sedation as well as a local anesthetic during a root canal procedure.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

The first step of the root canal procedure is to drill a hole in the tooth to allow access to the interior tissues. Your dentist then uses special tools called files to remove all of the pulp as well as the nerve tissue. Your dentist will probably use more than one size of file to the course of the procedure.


After the tooth pulp has been removed, your tooth will be filled with a special, sterile filler. A filling is placed, and then typically the tooth is treated with a dental crown. Sometimes the crown is placed immediately after the root canal therapy, which can make the procedure significantly longer. In other cases, you will come back for another appointment to have the crown put in place. Schedule your appointment with us today!

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