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Implants vs. Bridges Comparison

Whether you lose a tooth as because of injury, aging or dental disease, there are a number of reasons to consider replacing that lost tooth, and doing it as soon as possible. Replacing that tooth will enhance your physical appearance (and smile). It will correct a speech impediment caused by a missing tooth. And it will improve your ability to chew. If you delay replacing that tooth, the neighboring teeth will naturally move into the empty space, creating more gaps and more problems for later.


The two most popular ways to replace a missing tooth are dental implants and dental bridges. And one of the best places in the country to have either procedure is the office of Dr. Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. in Fort Worth, Texas. If you need a Forth Worth dental implant or a Fort Worth dental bridge, you need to carefully compare the dental implant options available.


The Side-by-Side Comparison
When considering dental implant options, you need to consider, among other things, cost, durability, appearance and maintenance. Here is our implants vs. bridges comparison:

Bridges vs. Implants

• Dental Implants – Implant is screwed into jawbone. False tooth sits on post.
• Dental Bridges – Less invasive, does not involve jawbone. Metal bridge anchors onto adjacent teeth.


• Dental Implants – More natural, only one false tooth.
• Dental Bridges – Bridge can be noticeable at times. Three false teeth are used.


• Dental Implants – More expensive.
• Dental Bridges – Less expensive (sometimes).


• Dental Implants – Close to permanent, usually lasts at least 10 – 15 years.
• Dental Bridges – Usually lasts 3– 6 years.


• Dental Implants – Very convenient.
• Dental Bridges – Convenient.


• Dental Implants – Cost and longer healing time.
• Dental Bridges – Requires shaping of healthy teeth to hold bridge, slipping.


While a Fort Worth dental bridge may be a good short-term solution, a Fort Worth dental implant is a wonderful long-term solution that provides many additional benefits, including preserving neighboring teeth, improved chewing support, little or no gum irritation and no appliance slippage. Unless you have a specific reason you are not able to get a Fort Worth dental implant (bone disease, heavy smoker, lack of funds, etc.), the office of Dr. Randy A. Parham, D.D.S. in Fort Worth, Texas, will always recommend it.


Contact us to help you do a dental implants vs. bridges comparison. fortworthdentist.com

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