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How Long Does It Take for Root Canal Discomfort To Go Away?

root canal treatment


A root canal is performed on a tooth due to deep decay or some kind of trauma that has impacted the nerve. Symptoms may include sensitivity or pain when biting down, but sometimes there are no specific symptoms and the need for endodontic therapy is found following a dental x-ray. 


The root canal process involves creating an access hole in the affected tooth to reach the root canals. An x-ray will have been taken to identify the exact location and number of roots.


The dentist will use a series of files to enter the canals to remove the contents. The canals will be flushed then packed with gutta percha. The access point must be permanently sealed, but very often a temporary seal is used until the tooth can be prepared for a dental crown. Please note this is a brief description and additional steps are actually required. 


Discomfort from a root canal is going to be different for everyone. If the patient was in pain before treatment, there may be inflammation resulting in discomfort that can last for several days. Your dental provider will be able to prescribe something for pain, as needed.


For many patients, mild discomfort is to be expected for a day or two that can be treated with an over the counter medication. The severity of treatment and the tooth involved are factors that will likely dictate the level of discomfort following the root canal process.


Returning to work or school immediately following a root canal is normally approved. A local anesthetic will keep the area numb for a few hours. You will want to ease into chewing so eating softer foods for a day or two may be wise. Brushing and flossing following root canal therapy is no different than before.  


For more information on root canal therapy or to schedule a consultation, contact the office of Dr. Randy Parham today.

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