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How Dental Crowns And Bridges Can Restore Smiles

crowns and bridges Fort Worth

If you have damaged or missing teeth, your dentist can provide restorations to make your smile whole again. Not only is it possible to repair and replace those teeth, but to do so with a remarkably natural result.

Dental Crowns Can Help to Preserve Damaged Teeth

Severely damaged teeth can affect a smile’s appearance, whether the issue is caused by decay or a facial injury. Ideally, you can save damaged teeth before that damage is so severe that the tooth is at risk for extraction. Dental crowns can help patients to achieve that goal.


Crowns may be used to restore teeth in the following situations:

  • When areas of decay are too large to be addressed by more conservative restorations
  • For teeth that are broken or otherwise damaged by facial trauma
  • Following root canal treatment to reduce the risk of breakage
  • To make an undersized tooth look proportional to the rest of the teeth

Dental Bridges: Restoring Smiles After Tooth Loss

A dental crown alone will not suffice to replace a missing tooth, however. That requires a dental bridge. These appliances consist of crowns that are placed on adjacent teeth to secure a pontic, or artificial crown (or crowns, depending on how many teeth have been lost), in the empty space.


Dental bridges are more involved than dental crowns and do require some alterations to nearby teeth. However, these appliances are valuable for replacing a single missing tooth or a small string of consecutive missing teeth.

Achieving A Natural Aesthetic with Restorations

Regardless of the type of restoration you need, your dentist can provide a prosthetic that fits in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Several elements influence the appearance of your restorations:

  • Shade: The coloring of each patient’s smile is unique and influenced by multiple factors. We can match the shade of the restoration or appliance to the rest of your smile.
  • Shape: Every smile has a certain contour, and for optimal appearance, the teeth are proportional to each other in size. Customized restorations consider this aesthetic aspect, as well.
  • Quality of materials: Advanced technology has resulted in prosthetic materials that mimic the appearance of biological tooth enamel, allowing the restoration to blend in with the rest of the smile.

If you need to restore a smile in which your teeth have been compromised or lost, visit our office for a consultation to learn about your treatment options. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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