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Get Back to Comfort with Root Canal Therapy

fort worth root canal therapy

Many people automatically feel anxiety when they hear the words root canal because the reputation of the procedure has suffered over the years. However, root canal therapy is a procedure of choice that the dentist uses to save a tooth. Teeth that have suffered decay or trauma begin to die and if they are not treated, they eventually have to be removed. Tooth removal is not the ideal solution because it can lead to other issues down the road.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a fairly simple procedure which is sometimes compared to an in-depth filling. Of course, each case is different and evaluated on an individual basis. Usually, it starts with the dentist numbing the area to prevent discomfort. Next, any present decay and bacteria are removed along with the pulp of the tooth. The area is then thoroughly cleansed, filled and sealed to prevent future contamination. Sometimes a crown is also placed to strengthen and restore the tooth to full function.

Signs You May Need Root Canal Therapy

Since each individual case is different, the symptoms may vary as well. However, some of the most common signs indicating the need for root canal therapy include sensitivity or discomfort surrounding a tooth. Swelling or tenderness of the facial area near the infected tooth may be present. An abscess or small pimple on the gum tissue is also a common symptom. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all and people find out they need a root canal during a dental check-up.

Why You Should Consider Root Canal Therapy

Having a problematic tooth extracted may seem like a simple solution but removing adult teeth can be problematic and costly in the future. Neighboring teeth tend to shift into the newly empty space causing bite issues and crooked teeth. This also increases the risk of temporomandibular joint disorder which can lead to headaches, ear aches, jaw clicking and other issues.

Modern technology has produced many advancements in root canal therapy. Saving a natural tooth is always the best and healthiest option. If you have experienced any of the above symptoms or you have been told you need root canal therapy, call our office today. Root canal treatment can offer you a comfortable future with your natural teeth.

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