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General & Preventative Dentistry

6 Secrets to Smile Success

The cornerstone of maintaining optimal oral health lies in preventing oral disease and damage. We’ll help you avoid oral health problems to improve the potential for keeping your natural smile long into your golden years – maybe for life! Modern dental innovations, combined with improved access to care, give us the opportunity to keep our mouths healthy and strong longer than ever before.


General Dentistry

Whether or not you like to follow directions, these five keys will go a long way toward a bright future for your smile… Consider them secrets to smile success!

  1. Daily Brushing & Flossing!
  2. Six-Month Checkups
    • Head & Neck Exam
    • Oral Cancer Screening
    • Periodontal/Gum Exam
    • Review Concerns
    • TMJ Analysis
    • Tooth-by-Tooth Inspection
    • X-Rays and Photographs
    • Treatment Planning Consultation if Necessary
    • Complimentary Products
  3. Six-Month Cleanings
    • Consult with Hygienist
    • Clean & Polish Teeth
    • Review Periodontal Health
    • Oral Hygiene Instructions
    • Fluoride Treatments
    • Treatment Planning Consultation if Necessary
  4. Follow Through Promptly with Treatment
  5. Protect Your Smile
    • Athletic Mouth Guard
    • Dental Sealants
    • Fluoride Supplements
    • Nightguard for Teeth Grinding/Bruxism/TMJ Disorder
  6. Daily Brushing & Flossing!

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Common Questions

Many dental conditions form without noticeable symptoms. For instance, a small cavity will likely not produce symptoms like a toothache but if you schedule regular checkups with our dentist, diagnostic technology can detect small areas of decay. In almost all cases, catching oral disease early on yields conservative (and more cost effective) treatment. During checkups, our team will look for more than just cavities and gum disease. We will examine the head and neck for irregularities such as swollen glands and perform an oral cancer screening.

Brushing and flossing is one of the most important things you can do to protect your oral health and prevent diseases like dental caries and gingivitis. You should brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. When brushing, be sure to brush in gentle and soft circular motions along all the surfaces of teeth and the gums. Flossing is strongly encouraged because a toothbrush cannot reach between teeth. You should floss once a day to clean between teeth and along the gum line.

If you have a dental emergency, you should call our practice as soon as possible so that we can provide helpful information that can aid in protecting your oral health and improving your comfort while we make room for you in our schedule. We recommend keeping our number stored in your smartphone and our business cards handy in your wallet, purse, and vehicle in case an emergency occurs when you are not at home.

If you require immediate medical attention for a severe injury, visit a hospital nearest you.

Dental cleanings are an important aspect of preventing oral disease and preserving one’s oral health. You should have a total of two dental cleanings each year with each one ideally scheduled every six months. A dental cleaning removes tartar, a substance that cannot be flossed or brushed away. Tartar buildup is a contributor to periodontal (gum) disease. Even if you brush and floss meticulously, you will still have some tartar buildup. A dental cleaning is very thorough and will deep clean teeth and along the gum line.

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Our practice is committed to provide a full range of preventive and cosmetic options to help you achieve a cleaner, healthier, more attractive smile. We'll work with you to determine the best course of treatment, the most convenient scheduling and the most appropriate financial arrangements. We pride ourselves on making dental visits a positive, pleasant experience for everyone. Servicing Downtown Fort Worth and the TCU Area.

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