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Common Causes of Dental Emergencies

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A dental emergency can occur at any time: on vacation, a business trip, or on the day of an important event. Understanding potential causes and how to handle a dental emergency as well as doing everything in your power to prevent one may save you or a family member from experiencing a dental emergency. One factor is essential … you should have the name and contact information of your family dentist immediately available.

What comprises a dental emergency? A raging toothache, excessive or uncontrolled bleeding, swelling of the face or jaw, a broken or knocked out tooth … these are all reasons to see your family dentist right away.


Accident – A fall, sports related injury, or any unintended contact with the face or mouth can result in the need for immediate dental care. In many cases, a trauma from an accident might not be preventable. But injury resulting from a sports related contact may have been prevented if the individual wears protective gear such as a mouthguard. A correctly fitted mouthguard provides protection for the teeth, tongue, and jaw to prevent injuries sustained while playing sports.

Neglect – A toothache can come out of the blue, but individuals that perform a daily care regimen that includes brushing twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste; flossing daily; and eating a healthy diet are much less likely to experience a dental surprise than someone that provides sporadic care and chooses to eat poorly on a regular basis.


In addition to the previously mentioned mouth guard protection, paying attention at all times might prevent a fall or accidental injury; in some cases there might be little else an individual can do to eliminate a trauma from occurring. But knowing what to do in the event of a dental emergency is the next best thing to prevention.

Have the name and phone number of your family dentist posted or readily available for a sitter or care giver. Be aware of after hours emergency contact information; very often a dental emergency occurs at night or on the weekends.

A healthy diet, proper daily care, and regular visits to the family dentist for cleaning and exam will help you maintain great oral health. But even the most steadfast patient may experience a toothache; this is where knowing how to handle a dental emergency is essential. For tips from our team, contact our office today!

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