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Are tooth colored fillings durable?

tooth colored fillings

Today’s dental restorations can look incredibly natural. Gone are the days where patients had limited treatment options that were noticeable and unnatural. Tooth colored fillings make for great restorations that are both durable and smile-enhancing. Our dentist places tooth colored fillings that blend in beautifully with natural tooth structure.

What makes up tooth colored fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are made from a compound called composite resin. This compound is a mixture of biocompatible glass and plastic. It’s also customizable so that it perfectly matches tooth structure.


When compared to traditional metal (amalgam) fillings, composite resin bonds better to natural tooth structure, which means that less tooth removal is needed to place the filling and it can last for many years to come.

How are composite resin fillings placed?

Receiving a composite resin filling is a minimally invasive dental procedure that takes place in one office visit. Most of the time, a local anesthetic is all that is needed to maintain patient comfort.


First, the tooth is cleaned and prepared for its restoration. This is done by removing a very miniscule amount of tooth structure. Then, liquid dam is applied around the tooth being treated to ensure it stays dry. Composite resin is placed in liquid form over the treatment area and hardened with a curing light.


The result is an undetectable, durable restoration.

Are fillings really necessary?

Most people will need at least one filling in their lifetime. Fillings are a great treatment option for small areas of decay. When a tooth develops a cavity, professional treatment is needed to prevent decay from worsening. Advanced, untreated tooth decay could cause a painful infection and result in the loss of a tooth.


A filling is considered a very conservative restoration that allows patients to protect as much of their biological tooth structure as possible. It will also stop the advancement of decay, which when left untreated, is a threat to one’s oral health.


If it’s time for a dental checkup or cleaning, give our practice a call to reserve an appointment with our dentist.

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