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5 Things You Need to Know about Your Dental Checkups

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Are you keeping routine appointments for checkups and cleanings with your dentist? Some people mistakenly believe that they only need dental care when they’re children or when they have obvious symptoms like toothaches. The truth is that regular checkups can help preserve your oral health for a lifetime and save you money.

Here are five things you should know about dental checkups.

Dentists Check for Oral Cancer

During every checkup, your dentist will look for indications of oral cancer – especially among high-risk patients such as those who smoke or have a history of HPV. Like other types of cancer, oral cancer is best treated as soon as possible. Early detection could save your life.

Frequent Checkups Lead to Early Detection

In general, early detection can help patients receive conservative and cost-effective treatments. If conditions like tooth decay or gum disease progress, a person may lose vital tissue to infections or require more invasive care such as oral surgery.

Tooth Decay Affects Patients of All Ages

Tooth decay is not just a concern for children. People of any age can develop dental caries. Treating tooth decay as early as possible saves money and time, too. Advanced tooth decay treatment may involve custom restorations, tooth extractions, and root canal therapy whereas early stage decay can be treated with a simple, less invasive filling.

Undiagnosed and Untreated Gum Disease Can Destroy Your Health

Gum disease is a serious threat to one’s oral health. The advanced stages of this condition cause tooth loss, degeneration of the gingiva, and bone deterioration.


Fortunately, the early stages of gum disease are reversible with conservative professional treatments and improved oral hygiene at home.

X-Rays Can Reveal Conditions Beyond Our Sight

Taking X-rays are an important part of a dental checkup. These images reveal potential threats to our oral health that we can’t see. An X-ray can reveal bone loss, decay between teeth and beneath existing restorations, impacted teeth, and tumors.


We encourage patients to schedule dental checkups every six months. Call the office of Dr. Randy Parham today to make an appointment.

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