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4 Fun Teeth Facts

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Did you know your family dentist can tell a lot about your health and lifestyle just by looking at your teeth? It’s true; your teeth say a lot about you. Teeth are actually very interesting parts of a person’s anatomy. If you’re looking to learn more about teeth and your oral health, read on to learn four fun facts.

Ancient Humans Practiced Oral Hygiene

While modern humans certainly win the prize for practicing safer, more effective oral hygiene, trying to clean one’s teeth is not a new human priority. In fact, artifacts from various ancient civilizations show that humans developed different techniques for cleaning teeth.


Some ancient groups such as the Egyptians made rudimentary (and unhealthily abrasive) toothpastes from pulverized and ground seashells or animal hooves. Archeologists in Southeast Asia have found very early forms of what is now known as “the toothbrush”. Made from animal hair – typically boar – fastened to bone, these early toothbrushes might have helped removed debris and some plaque but likely caused damage to teeth because their bristles were too firm and wiry.

Teeth Cannot Self-Heal

Once a tooth is permanently damaged, it cannot heal on its own. Teeth, unlike other mineralized structures in the body, do not regenerate new tissue the same way that bone does to repair a break. This is why oral healthcare is a necessity when issues like cavities, enamel loss, and infected root canals develop.

Tooth Development Begins Before Birth

When a baby is born, his or her baby teeth are waiting to emerge just beneath the surface of the gums. Teeth begin developing while a child is still in the womb. When an infant is teething, it’s because the crowns of his or her teeth are coming through the gums.

Interdental Cleaning is a Necessity

Most people know that brushing is an essential part of keeping teeth clean. Unfortunately, many people forego flossing because they are unaware of its importance. Flossing is a type of interdental cleaning that removes plaque and debris between teeth. Choosing not to floss each day greatly increases the risks for developing tooth decay and periodontal disease.


If it’s time for a checkup and cleaning, contact the office of Dr. Randy Parham to reserve an appointment with our experienced family dentist.

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